Adventure in the Mundane

Walking on a sidewalk

The percussion of my heart resonates through every fiber of my body. The climb is steep and deep. The sun has not yet melted the powdered snow crystals. As I climb Black Butte after the recent storm I see potential…endless terrain to ski…the…Read the full Dispatch


Black and white image of record and needle spinning by Richard Cannon

At a recent meeting of The Imagemakers of Monterey, President of the Center for Photographic Art Board of Trustees, Richard Cannon showed one of his favorite images, “Groovin”. As I listened to his story, his tribute to the days of vinyl,  I was touched…Read the full Dispatch

Eat heartily my friends

I love this image. Plain and simple. The mystery, the sense of mass, the curiosity, the edgy feeling of being in an urban landscape and the experience while capturing the moment. This is at least what I feel. How about you? Does the…Read the full Dispatch


Blur and static fill the memory of recent months. At August’s end I embarked on a planned 22 day solo backpack trip along the John Muir Trail. 150 miles and 14 days later, with emotions scraping at the sides of the deep end…Read the full Dispatch

A Dispatch to ponder.082411

Image of benches in the Muir Woods by Roger Smith

To sacrifice the beauty of the moment for the potential of the present in the future makes no sense to me.

A Dispatch to ponder.081511

Image of the Pt. Reyes boat by Roger Smith

It is not our age that makes us feel old, it is our choices.

Per Volquartz—a deep loss

Image of Per Volquartz with his 8x10 camera at Bodie taken by Roger Smith

I learned today of the passing of Per Volquartz, a true master in the craft of fine art photography. In my mind, Per was one of the top fine art black and white photographers living, and now among the masters past. My first…Read the full Dispatch

The Monterey Pine Forest

Image of The Monterey Pine Forest Book Cover

New Book Released just a few weeks ago, The Monterey Pine Forest is the product of hard work by The Monterey Pine Forest Watch including David T. Bates, Rita Dalessio, Nicole Nedeff, Joyce Stevens, Jeff Norman, Linda Smith and Jerry Emory as well…Read the full Dispatch