A Life Acoustic

How strange it was to step into my accommodations at the San Miguel Mission. Wooden floors, adobe walls, small twin beds and decades of quiet prayers lingering though out the ‘Novice’ quarters—those yet to walk the committed path of a Friar.

The simplicity of it all brought tears to my eyes. The acoustic life reawakens within me.

Even if I had no film in my 4×5 film holders I would have enjoyed myself throughout this 4-day photography session at the mission. Had it not been for Highway 101, I would have lost track of where I was. I could have been in Mexico, Arizona, New Mexico…or California two centuries ago. A gift indeed.

Evening frogs, barn owls and bats…morning birdsong from the plaza aviary and the flying rats (pigeons). Lessons in history and illumination, archeology and astronomy—history of human brutality and human grace.

I can’t say I feel the images I captured during this workshop embraced the experience. I wish I could just as I wish I could immediately share images from this experience. As with each process of traditional photography, each step takes time. The images will come, step by step. And, too with grace, they will help me to remember a life acoustic.

Thanks Kim and Gina!

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